How to Take Care of Your Hair After a Hair Transplant

A lot of men and women prefer a hair transplant procedure to recover lost hair. Hair loss can be attributed to various reasons like age, hormonal factors, stress, or genetic issues. Hair transplant has become one of the most popular procedures because of its efficiency and simplicity.

In this article, we will discuss the proper aftercare procedure after getting a hair transplant.

Some Precautions After Hair Transplant

After the hair transplant, there is no need to stay in the hospital. You can rest for a few hours, then proceed home and follow some precautions. Here are some of them:

·       Work

Under normal circumstances, you can return to work the next day. Although it will still depend on the nature of your work, whether it is required to wear a helmet or to make a physical effort. If this is the case, you need to wait until two weeks or even a month to report back to work. 

·       Sport

Keep in mind that you can’t play sports during the first month. If you are into contact sports like martial arts, the rest period is until 90 days. 

·       Anti-inflammatories

During the first week of recovery, it is recommended to use anti-inflammatories to lessen the swelling. This swelling is due to the product of whey and anesthesia. This is normal and will recover with the help of anti-inflammatory medicines. 

·       Activities involving perspiration

It would be best if you avoided any activities involving sweating during the first week as much as possible. 

·       Hats and caps

Your head must remain uncovered for the first three days. You may wear hats after one week and helmets after one month. 

·       Haircut

Cutting your hair is advisable after three months of surgery. Using the razor is allowable after six months. 

·       Sleeping

Experts advise using an inflatable collar when sleeping to keep your position on the back.

Washing your Hair After the Transplant

After the hair transplant procedure, you need to remove your head using lukewarm water starting from the fourth day. Wash your hair with subtle touches, without scraping and gently drying it using paper towels. You can wipe with a towel after the first month.

It is also possible to notice itching and irritation during the first days. You may use a physiological saline solution to relieve them. Moreover, you can apply an ointment or aloe vera gel in the donor area.

Post-Operative Capillary Graft

The postoperative period of a hair transplant period is short and hardly leaves no scars.

1.       First 15 days

This period is the most intense. The area is redder, and you may notice itching and inflammation. Small crusts appear and start to fall naturally during the first week. 

2.       Between the third week and the two months

This is the period in which the follicles are detached from the transplanted hair. You don’t have to worry because your hair will grow back without falling. 

3.       From three months

The new hair starts to appear and grow. 

4.       One year after

You will notice visible results from this period onward.You may consult with Seager Hair Restoration Centre to know more about hair transplant procedures.