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5 Ways We Can Help in Saving the Planet

Due to the increased global pollution and other worldwide dangerous consequences caused by our sometimes irresponsible attitude toward planet’s environmental health, the safety of our environment has today become one of the biggest concerns for society.

Taste-Without-WasteCauses of Earth Pollution

Food waste, deforestation and soil erosion, agricultural activities, mining activities, industrialization and nuclear waste are just some of the reasons why focusing on obtaining and maintaining or strengthening the awareness about the responsible and environmental-friendly lifestyle should be the primal goal for each individual.

Below are the 5 best ways we can do daily to help in saving our planet and significantly improve our lives by doing it.

#Taste Without Waste

BPI consumer packaging, a flexible packaging company, made a survey in England which showed that 80% of respondents do recycle, but 24% of them said they don’t completely understand the process of recycling.

Having this in mind, it is easy to understand why food waste is the big problem we are dealing with today.

The proof of the devastating consequences caused by this unhealthy process is the fact that one-third of the global food production is lost or wasted annually.

Recycling is very important because for few reasons :

  • The result of not burning the garbage is the instant minimization of pollution.
  • It helps us save the natural resources such as trees, by not cutting them.
  • It helps us in saving our resources and expenses.

Also, the way products are packaged while being transported or kept in shops and homes is very important.

Knowing that flexible packaging can greatly protect the goods, make less pollution and, therefore, succeed in decreasing the food waste while doing so, companies such as BPI play a very important role in keeping our environment healthy.

Getting Out of the Vehicles

The another great way to decrease environmental pollution is by changing our methods of travelling.

C02 caused by driving the vehicles is poisonous for the air we are breathing every day. In order to make it safer to breathe, we should give our best in changing the habits of driving to work, home etc. and replacing cars, motorcycles, busses or trams with driving a bicycle or simply walking to our destination.

Another very useful and important benefit of these environmental-friendly methods of travelling is the improvement of our own health. We get the chance to have everyday exercises, to look healthy, feel healthy, and last but not least, breathe the much healthier air!

Also, getting used to walking and driving a bike can save us a lot of money that would be wasted for gas if we were driving vehicles.

Reducing the Electricity

Reducing our electricity is yet another effective and payable way to both improve the environment’s health and spare some money in our pockets.

The reason why less energy is better for the environment is because the higher usage of energy increase the amount of toxic fuels sent in the air.

Using a smart hub instead of regular one will adjust the room’s lighting to every time of the day.

Also, electricity can be spared by reducing the unnecessary heating or cooling and replacing classic lightbulbs with LEDs.

On the global level, the development of solar power systems which use the pure energy from the sun also help reducing poisonous gasses and dependence on fossil fuel.

Spending Less Water

Wasting the water is very impactful on the environment’s health.

Measuring and controlling the water we spend is something we can do daily to prevent this from happening.

Comparing the monthly bills, checking for water leaks, using less water to shower and watering the lawn are some of the best tips to reduce the water usage.

Switching to Online Payment

Surrounded by our obligations to pay the bills, services and products, switching to online payment and decreasing the need for paper might be a good idea.

Signing up and using it is very simple, quick and cheaper way to transfer our money wherever and for whatever we want.

This method of paying also allows us to use our money at any place with internet connection.

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