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5 Easy Home Remedies

Humans are always prone to a wide variety of diseases and scientists are still trying to invent medicines to fight certain life-threatening diseases like blood cancer, bone cancer and AIDS. We often find ourselves running to the doctor even for the slightest diseases we get, such as a cold, a flu or a throat ache. Instead of going for home remedies and being patient for a few days, we ask our doctors to give us medicines that will heal our discomfort within a matter of minutes. Even though doctors have all the solutions to our problems, there are some that we can cure ourselves using just home remedies.

Some of the easy home remedies include the following:

Stomach ache

Stomach ache occurs due to many reasons. It may be because of food poisoning, constipation or loose motion. The best way to get relief from the stomach ache is drinking herbal tea by adding a spoon of honey in it. You could also grind ginger and make it into a paste form and within few minutes of drinking, you will feel fine.

Cold and flu

The most common disease that affects both children and adults is the common cold and flu. Sometimes it might lead to fever as well. This disease can be very annoying and it takes at least three days to completely heal. A warm bath will ease your body, drinking a minimum of 7 to 8 glasses of water can be very helpful and inhaling steam using a vaporizer rub will definitely relieve you from a blocked nose.

Heartburn and gastritis

Heartburn and gastritis are also very common but mostly found in adults. It is a very painful experience that can lead to ulcer if not properly taken care of. One of the best ways to get some relief from heartburn and gastritis is drinking warm water with honey or cold milk for heartburn, eating on time (at least three times a day) and eating cloves right after a meal.

Throat pain

Throat pain can turn out to be very stressful because it becomes very hard to communicate once it affects us. Some of the home remedies to treat a throat ache are eating marshmallows, raw garlic, honey, apple or cider vinegar, and gargling lukewarm water for a minimum of four times a day.

Tooth ache

Tooth ache is very common among adults and kids. The best home remedy to soothe a tooth ache is salt water rinsing. You can cold compress the area where you feel pain by this. Then, you can use garlic and vanilla extract for the most effective results. Since we cannot analyze the problem behind tooth ache very easily, it is highly recommended to consult a dentist if the pain prolongs for more than two days.

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