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How to beat the Monday blues

Everyone has experienced those Monday morning ‘feels’, where the weekend seems like a lifetime away and the stress of the work week is imminent. Fitness, healthy living and mindfulness are all key concepts when it comes to beating the Monday morning blues, so we’ve teamed up with active-wear brand UP Clothing to bring you five tips to help start your week on the right foot.


Make the most of your weekend

Granted, sometimes you need a lazy weekend to recover from a hectic workweek, but there’s nothing worse than coming to Sunday evening and realising that you’ve wasted your well-earned day’s off. Whether it’s a family trip to the beach, a night out with the girls, or maybe just ticking some things off your to-do list, feeling as if you’ve made the most of the weekend is an essential part of feeling ready for Monday’s return to work.


Dress to Impress

Nothing lifts your spirits like feeling good about yourself. No matter how fed-up you feel, you should make an effort to dress nicely on Monday morning. When you look great on the outside, you’ll feel a hell of a lot better inside. Co-workers will bounce off your high-spirits, which will make for a more pleasant work environment.


Listen to an upbeat soundtrack

If you need a little extra motivation on Monday, playing some upbeat music will set the pace for your work and lift your spirits. Whether it’s vibrant dance tracks, or pop classics, music is the best way to transform your mood and beat the Monday blues.


Don’t just live for the weekend

 Activities and adventures shouldn’t be strictly reserved for the weekend. Making plans after work will break up the week and gives you something to look forwards to after a hard day’s graft. Whether it’s a date night with your other half, or a cinema trip with an old friend, making your evenings count means you don’t have to cram everything into Saturday and Sunday.


Keep up your exercise regime

A good work out is proven to help with stress and mental wellbeing as it releases endorphins (happy chemicals).  Hitting the gym on Monday will get your week off to a flying start – you’ll feel better about yourself for being productive, your body will thank you for it, and it will boost your mood.

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