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Why You Should Detox

Unfortunately, the environment we live in is more or less polluted. We seldom get to breathe fresh air in our so-called modern era. In spite of the external pollution, some people resort to consuming alcohol, smoking cigarettes or injecting drugs without keeping in mind that they are injecting toxins or poisonous stuff in their body. For some, it is an addiction and for others, they have no control over it whatsoever. For all those who want to live a toxin-free and healthy life, it is the high time to start detoxing their body and mind.

But first let’s be clear about what detoxing really is. Detoxing is simply an act of removing all the toxins you knowingly or unknowingly introduce to your body. It affects your liver, heart, brain and lungs that leads to various diseases, including asthma, cancer and heart attack. In order to save yourself from all these dreadful diseases, you need to keep an eye on what food you consume and what kind of air you breathe in. Sometimes, it becomes unavoidable to prevent yourself from all of this, but certain precautionary measures and actions should be taken so that you become healthy and stay away from those diseases.

The food items we buy at supermarkets and other stores, such as vegetables or fruits, may or may not contain a high level of toxin in the form of preservatives and drugs injected in or sprayed over them. But the chances are high since that is the only way they can store all these items for a long period of time. After all, they have a limited shelf life.

However, nowadays, it is easier to find organic foods in many stores because people are now well-aware of the benefits of consuming them. Stick to an organic diet so that the chances of consuming toxins are reduced to a considerable extent.

Liver being the main detoxifier of our body is the one that gets affected the most when you drink alcohol. It cannot function properly when alcohol is consumed because it takes a lot of time to detoxify. So daily consumption is very harmful, which could even lead to cancer.

Re-energizing lungs are also necessary for a healthy life and you can do this through detoxing your body. Even though quit smoking campaigns are all around us, people still resort to smoking. It is one of the leading causes of death which kills them slowly and painfully. Lungs get re-energized when you stop smoking and it is one of the best ways to detox your entire body. Be sure you get a nicotine patch or a chewing gum so as to control the urge of smoking every now and then.

Food is one of the main sources of our survival, but we often eat without even checking the merits and demerits of the food we eat. We should be cautious about our priorities because our body might not be able to take junk or poisonous food for a long time.

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