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The Dilemma Of Buying Fresh Juice Blenders: An Immediate Solution

If you look forward to modernising your kitchen, it should possibly begin with the integration of electrical chimneys, cutting-edge cooking stoves and above all, the best blender and grinders. The common parlance states that “variety is the spice of life”, similarly, a right spice is the formula to cook the best dishes. To grind and blend different spices and juices, you need superior blending technology. Nutribullet Vs Magic Bullet blenders and grinders are a few top-sought after brands for blending and processing of different types of food.

A good blender can help you start your morning with a glass of fresh juice. You can settle for tetra pack juices bought from the supermarket, but they will not improve your health for sure. On the contrary, the best blender, something with the likes of Nutribullet or Magic Bullet can redefine the morning and help folks start it on a healthier note.

So, if you are convinced that a blender can help you cook scrumptiously, it is the best time to place your hands on few of the top shots in the market. Nutribullet vs. Magic bullet blenders, two competitive names in the market at present. But as a rational consumer, you would always prefer to bring home quality blenders. So, if you are sceptical and uncertain about your preference, you have come to the right place. In here, you will get all information about both Nutribullet & Magic bullet and pros & cons of these two blenders that will help you take the decisive call. So, brace yourself, at the end of the blog, you will get all the information needed to make a rational decision of the purchase.

Nutribullet vs. Magic bullet blenders: Which One To Choose


Category Magic Bullet Nutribullet
Energy Consumption & Power 250 Watts power with 0.335 HP 600-1700 watts with 2.2 HP
RPM The RPM of magic bullet at 2000 makes it suitable for home usage. The RPM of magic bullet skyrockets at 30,000
Blender Pitch Capacity Magic bullet has 16 Oz In Nutri bullet, it is 45Oz.
Buttons & Switches Free of buttons & switches One touch buttons on Nutri-bullet for smart operation.
Hot Cuisine Impossible to process hot soup Hot soup processing possible
Smoothie Blender Average smoothie blender Best smoothie blender
Smoothie Processing Time More than a minute Less than a minute

These are few aspects that will define your next choice and take the rational call. For the first time blender buyers, apart from these vital aspects, you must also know other technicalities of the best blender, here are a few to consider for your next big purchase.

How to Choose the Best Blender for Your Kitchen?

  • Analyze Your Budget

Blender is a macro term. In mixers, you can get to choose from a wide variety of offerings available in the market. But you should know about your budget and take the call accordingly. If you have got a workhorse motor, good blades and influential warranty tenure. These will be enough for the home user.


  • Power of the Blender

In the next stage of the choice, you can pick the power of the blender. The RPMs will define the power of the mixer. So, you can assess and analyse the requirement at your commercial or residential front and accordingly take the pick. Best blender are there in the market that can serve your purpose. All you have to do is avail them on the go.



 At the time of buying the best blender, always look for reviews. The reviews can help you make a smart and rational choice.

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