How to maintain see-saw balance between professional & personal life

The constant struggle to create a good work life balance is never ending. You’re expected to be productive at work moving forward to make the company money then you’re expected to go home and clean the house, take care of the kids and somewhere in the middle take care of yourself. Everything begins to spin out of control as you try to make it all work. We’ve got a few ways to help you see saw between the perfect work and life balance.

work life balance


One of the most important parts of creating a work life balance is to set boundaries. Leave work when you walk out the door. Don’t take your private life into work. Technology allows your e-mail to be easily accessible on the phone leading your boss to maybe think it’s okay to send you work related issues at 10 PM expecting you to answer. Set your boundaries that you only work a certain amount of time. When you’re off the clock, you’re totally off the lock. When you’re at work, it’s all about getting the business done. This means you aren’t scrolling through Facebook or texting your wife throughout the day. Don’t gossip about your home issues to co-workers during your coffee break. Enjoy your time while you’re at work and enjoy your time while you’re at home.


Take Time for Yourself

You have to take care of number one. Co-workers may pull at your sleeves all day asking you to do things they need or sending you new projects. Family members insist you need to mow the lawn or clean the dishes at this very moment. Take time to breathe and step away from it all. You need time to heal and just be with yourself. This doesn’t mean taking days at a time to ignore the world, but taking a few moments each day or a few hours each week to just reflect and pamper yourself. it’s important to remember to love and nurture yourself. This gives you a moment of rejuvenation, a time to think about your life and a minute to really appreciate that you have a work life balance. Play a round of golf, go watch a movie or roam through the aisles of your favorite superstore shopping. Simply take the time to do for yourself what never gets done. Forgetting to take care of yourself could lead to a breakdown in all aspects of life later so take the time now.


Cure That Hangover After a Crazy Night

Having fun with friends is important in every part of your life. The only tough part about going out for a fun night to let off steam is if you have to get to work the next day. Curing your hangover after a crazy night is imperative to your work life balance. Start by drinking lots of water and indulging in a big, healthy breakfast. You’ll need lots of energy and hydration to hit the day with a hangover. Pop a few ibuprofens and hit the office with a positive attitude. After a crazy night, you don’t need to dive into any huge tasks. Try to work on projects that don’t involve making big decisions that day. Take it easy, but keep your head in your work. Take breaks and get as much fresh air as possible. Don’t brag to everyone that you had too much to drink the night before, yet keep your head in the game and smile throughout the pain. It’ll be gone soon and tomorrow will be a brighter day when you can dive into those tough projects.


Say No

Trying to make everyone happy is tough so saying “no” doesn’t come easily. It’s actually an art to get to where you can just say “no” and walk away from something. We want to please everyone around us by doing anything they ask, but in return we often get overwhelmed with a long to do list that only stresses us out in the end. This list means we don’t get to attack our own priorities or have any fun. Tell your co-worker you simply can’t do this extra project. Tell your buddy you just can’t help him build a shed this weekend. You can also delegate tasks to other employees at work to help your work life. Remember it isn’t your responsibility to do all of the work. You do want to show off by going above and beyond, but stop when the beyond leaves you cowering in a corner overwhelmed with too many things to do.


The see saw between your professional and personal life can get complicated. Take it one step at a time and try to enjoy both parts of your life. Always stop to ask yourself if you are happy and you are fulfilled with your life. If you aren’t smiling at work and smiling at home, it’s time to make adjustments that lead to a happier lifestyle where you balance both work and home life.

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