How to Improve Your Sleep

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” – we all are quite familiar with this proverb.  But we often sleep late and wake up early because we don’t want to miss out our class or be late at office. A person should sleep for at least 6 hours a day.  If you don’t get enough sleep at night, you will feel lazy and sick the next day. Sleeping well improves your both physical and mental health.

Here are some methods on how to improve your sleep.

Some of us stay wide awake all night without any sleep. We move to our right and left so as to fall asleep. We are compelled to stay awake because of our stress or probably because we have slept all day and therefore we find it difficult to sleep at night. You should avoid sleeping during the day but it will be okay to take a nap for 20-30 minutes.

However, you should not sleep for longer hours during the day. It is a fact that sleeping during daytime makes it difficult to sleep at night. Darkness improves the quality of your sleep and some hormones are produced when its dark that help you sleep better.  You can even wear an eye mask so that no interference of light can bother you. If you are scared of the dark, you can use a dim light.

Regular exercise helps one sleep better. A good workout will keep your body fit and at night, you will feel relaxed and therefore you will go to bed early. You should also live a stress-free life. Stress often has a bad effect on one’s health and if you’re stressed, you will find it difficult to sleep well.

You can also listen to some soothing music that helps you fall asleep easily. We all sing lullaby to babies to make them fall asleep. Likewise, you can listen to some calm music for a better sleep at night.

Over usage of smartphones and laptops is not only bad for your health, but also for your sleep. We often watch late night shows or chat with friends, missing out the much-needed sleep. Thus, it is important to minimize the use of such devices at night for better sleep. However, you should never go to bed with a full stomach or an empty stomach. Make sure to eat a moderate amount of food before you go to bed.

Another way to improve your sleep is to create a perfect sleeping environment. A dark room with a comfortable temperature is needed. A routine is also always necessary for everything you do. So for a better and deep sleep, you should set up a time to go to bed and to wake up. You should get at least six hours of sleep daily. You can also meditate if you can’t easily fall asleep at night.


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