Experience the Mental and Physical Health Benefits of a Massage

To most people, the idea of laying in a soothing environment on a massage table with the scent of lavender in the air at a massage parlor is a luxury designed for relaxation. Though those who receive a massage often feel relaxed afterward, there are more health benefits. Used for centuries in both eastern and western civilizations, massage therapy techniques have been proven to heal the mind and body.

The next time you have an opportunity to schedule an appointment to lay on portable and stationary tables for massages, perhaps it’s worth it considering these mental and physical advantages below:

Chronic Pain Management

Individuals who suffer from chronic pain as a result of injury or long-term illness have benefited immensely from massage therapy. Various massage techniques help to increase serotonin which naturally helps to reduce pain. Therapists can perform various practices which can help to relieve tension and relax muscles and joints.

Diabetes Management

Millions of people across the country are living with diabetes, a long-term, chronic condition. Those who suffer from this condition have to cope with everything from nerve pain to poor circulation and chronic pain. Getting a massage, has been proven to be instrumental for a number of reasons.

Soothes Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety

Mental illnesses like depression and anxiety do more than just impact your mind. Since your body is constantly in fight or flight mode it’s often tense and always on edge. Depression and anxiety can often lead to physical symptoms like body aches or headaches. Massages are, therefore, useful in helping to relieve the pain. They’re also ideal in that they help to reduce cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and boost serotonin levels which aid the body in fighting mental illness.

Better Posture

Many people work in an occupation that requires them to either sit in a chair or stand on their feet for hours. This isn’t good on your back, neck, or shoulders. The result ends up being poor posture. You can remedy this by getting a massage. The massage therapist will use techniques to help loosen the muscles and tension so that you can sit or stand straight without the pain.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Massages have been known to help lower blood pressure. The various techniques help to release tension, relieve pain, and reduce stress. As these factors can all raise someone’s blood pressure, it would be safe to assume that lowering these causes would, therefore, reduce your pressure.

Improves Flexibility

Flexibility is often lost over time as a result of reduced lubrication on the joints and ligaments. Massages, however, help to stimulate the body’s natural production. As the therapist rubs on various parts of the muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons it helps to lubricate and improve your range of motion.

Enhanced Athletic Performance

Athletes who want to perform at their best can benefit from a few massage sessions. Massages are frequently provided as a way to warm up the muscles and increase circulation. As pointed out above, massages also help to improve flexibility and range of motion which are key to performing at your best. They’re also provided to athletes who are injured as a means of aiding their recovery process.

Get Better Sleep

If you’ve been having difficulties getting to sleep whether it’s a result of stress, depression, or anxiety, a massage can make a big difference. As it relieves tension, soothes pain, reduces cortisol levels, boosts mood, and increases serotonin levels each of these factors helps you to get better sleep.

Prior to reading this post, you may have thought of a massage as nothing more than an expensive luxury to relax. Hopefully, however, you now see that there is much more to this ancient practice. When received on a regular basis, massage can help to heal both the mind and body therefore, enhancing the quality of your life.