A day in the life of germs

Whether you’re a germaphobe, or you believe they’re boosting your immune system, you’re probably going to want to have a read of the super interesting infographic titled A Day in the Life of Germs.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more conscious of how many germs are hanging out around me at any one time. The #LifeOfGerms campaign has made me realize I was looking in all the wrong places. It turns out that the typical places where we’re assuming to see the most germs are actually nowhere near as bad as some of the everyday items we forget about.

As part of this campaign, 10 everyday items were lab tested to see their Total Viable Count (TVC) of germs.

Your phone is where you usually come into contact with bacteria first each day. You can expect to find approximately 30 TVC hanging out on your phone, however, this may be higher if you don’t tend to wipe your phone down very often.

Your car steering wheel is actually surprisingly germ-free, with just 10 TVC. However, your keyboard has more germs on it than a toilet flush, at approximately 370 TVC. Ew.

Even your morning mug of coffee will have around 60 TVC, which means people who are washing those mugs may need to step up their games.

Interestingly, the toilet, which you’d probably consider to be the germiest, only had around 90 TVC. If you think that’s bad, wait until we get to your toothbrush later.

If you touch an ATM while getting cash out, it’s a good idea to wash your hands. You’ll be coming into contact with approximately 90 TVC- the same as a toilet flush.

Interestingly, you’re likely to come into contact with some of the highest levels of germs if you’re a commuter. Inf act, a train seat has a TVC of approximately 72,000. I’d rather stand.

Heading to the gym? Make sure you wash your hands after. A set of dumbbells will have a TVC of around 48, however, you’re likely to come into contact with more than one set, especially if you’re using the exercise machines too.

Now we get to the surprising part. Did you know that your toothbrush has approximately 48,000 germs on it? This could be when you’re exposed to the most germs every day. If your bathroom and toilet are in the same room, be sure to close the lid of your toilet when you flush to help stop the spread of contamination.