Online Slots Free Spins To Play Today

With there being so many choices for different slot games out there to play, it can be difficult to decide which one to pick. Some of us will have our old favourites that we just want to step away from a little bit, after all too much of a good thing can be taxing. So it can be good to take a break from the slot games we know we love, to discover some more that we can learn to live for.

Here we have some of those top tier games at Spin Station that some may not have yet had the opportunity to get their teeth into and really experience.

Vikings Video Slot

Vikings is a superb slot that is available both on desktop and mobile phones. Based on the astonishing T.V. series which is rammed full of action and historical truths. Here we get to join their world and experience some of the high octane action ourselves!

Vikings is a 5 Reel 3 Row slot with 243 paylines. It has a solid RTP of 96.05% with a min bet of £0.20 and a max bet of £100 so there’s space for any of us to get into this exciting action packed slot. It has a High Volatility and with the RTP being good, we can expect to see some of those great, high return spins that really get the heart racing! This is a 10/10 slot!

Dead Or Alive 2

Next let’s look at a game that has a similar intensity, where war and malice are at the heart of these characters. Dead or Alive II is a wild western themed thriller of a slot game.  With fabled and infamous characters like Apache The Kid, Della Rose, Jesse James, Belle Star and Billy the Kid there is plenty of action to get sucked in by.

This game has an RTP of 96.8% and a High Volatility so though the road may be rough at times, there is great potential for some big wins! That being said, there is a rather small betting range, starting at £0.09 going only to £9. This NetEnt game is a continuation of the well known Dead Or Alive and it builds on it superbly! A 9/10 game!

Gonzo’s Quest

If you love the action, but would rather have something a little less hard core then Gonzo’s quest is for you, this light hearted adventure game brings us all the action we could ask for in a sweet cartoon styling. This slot takes us into an ancient Incan city.

It has a Medium Volatility and an RTP of 95.97% whilst the RTP is on the lower end of the spectrum it is mitigated by the volatility. So we can hope to discover some great treasures in this rich, filled ancient city. This slot also comes with some great bonus features such as the avalanche multiplier where we can reach up to 5x! which in the free spins mode can get up 15x!