5 Slots FAQs Answered

Online slots are now a highly popular form of entertainment. If you are keen to try them out for yourself, but find the terminology rather daunting and are not quite sure how it all works – try Reel Rush slot game.

Read on to find out what the 5 most commonly asked slots FAQs are – and discover their answers, to give you more confidence as you embark on your gambling adventure. 

How do I begin playing? 

To begin your journey, all you have to do is find a particular online casino of your choice and sign up. Many casinos offer welcome bonuses, sometimes with no deposit required, when new players register. These handy offers allow you to try out the casino and its offerings with no financial risk. Generally they come in the form of free spins, or perhaps a small amount of bonus money, such as £5-10, and they are usually tied to a particular slot.  

When you sign up for these offers you will usually have to register a method of payment, such as a bank account or an e-wallet like Paypal. Sometimes all the verification that is needed is your mobile phone number.  

Once you are all signed up, it’s time to take advantage of that welcome bonus and start playing! 

How do I make payments and withdraw winnings?  

When it comes to making deposits, placing bets or withdrawing your winnings, different online casinos offer different methods. As already mentioned in the previous answer, some casinos will require you to use your bank account or a credit card, while others will use Paypal or a mobile payment platform like Boku. 

What kinds of slot games are there?  

When it comes to online slot games, there are 2 main types – classic slots and video slots.  

Classic slots ooze simplicity, as they have just 3 reels, and generally offer between one and five paylines. Some players prefer these slots for their nostalgia element, as they are reminiscent of the original land-based slot machines. However other players are put off by their lack of special features and their basic design.  

Video slots have become more and more popular, due to their crisp graphics, more complex layout (usually 5 reels but sometimes more) and many more paylines. They tend to offer bonus rounds and other special features, and come in a wide variety of themes – from books to cartoons and even blockbuster movies.  

Are there strategies I can use to help me win? 

With slots, at the end of the day there are no guarantees – it’s all down to Lady Luck and whether or not she is smiling on you. However you can implement some basic strategies to try and maximise your winnings. For example, it is best to choose slot games with a high RTP (return to player) percentage, and plenty of bonus rounds, as these will offer you a greater chance of winning. Novice players should also opt for low volatility slots while learning the ropes, as these offer more frequent payouts, if not as large as those promised by high volatility slots. 

Can I play for free?  

Yes, you can play slot games for free – just look for online casinos which allow you to play demo or practise versions of slot games. You won’t be able to win any real money of course, but it will give you the chance to get a feel for online slot games and how they work. Once you have gained some confidence, it’s time to play for real!