Flooring Ideas To Create The Perfect Yoga Or Gym Work Out

Some people prefer to work out in their homes. If they have enough space, they have a dedicated room or section of the basement that they refer to as their home gym. These spaces need to have the perfect flooring for the job. It needs to be easy to clean, and comfortable enough to work out on. No matter whether you do yoga or have a full gym in your house, you need to consider these flooring ideas, courtesy of flooring services the colony tx.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are great for just about everything. They can easily support the heavy workout equipment that comes with a home gym or yoga practice. On top of that, wood is naturally a shock absorbent material, and as long as you have the right surface treatments applied, it is fairly non-skid. This means that you won’t skid all over the place when you’re in the middle of a workout. If the floor becomes scuffed or scratched, it’s very easy to buff out the scratches and refinish the wood. On top of that, the many different types of wood and shades of stain ensure that you’ll have no issues matching the floors to the rest of the room.


Cork Flooring

Cork is one of the newest types of wood flooring on the market. It also provides quite a bit of cushioning, which will keep you from damaging your knees and ankles. Although you do have to be careful about placing heavy equipment on this flooring, as it may create some dents and divots, you’ll have an excellent surface for exercising. You won’t have to worry about sound traveling since the cork absorbs some of the noise. On top of this, it’s quite affordable and very easy to care for.


Rubber Floor Tiles

Don’t overlook the great qualities of rubber floor tiles. They’re excellent at providing cushioning and sound dampening, just like cork flooring. They also are very easy to keep clean. If you want a floor with some give – and one that looks like it belongs in a gym, then this is a great option. It’s also good for people who practice yoga, as the floor is comfortable to pose on. You may not even need a separate mat, just a dedicated section of the floor. On top of this, if any of the tiles become damaged, they are easy to replace.

Rubber floor


Although linoleum (which should not be confused with the old styles that were not as nice) is a harder surface, it provides a good floor for a home gym. The linoleum is easy to clean and is fairly scuff and scratch resistant. You will need to use a separate rubberized mat for things like stretches and yoga, but they are easy to roll up and place out of the way when you don’t need them. Even better, linoleum is very inexpensive.

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